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Next summer is bound to come, and again it will be hot!

Direct solar radiation on window panes causes a quick rise in temperature in rooms    (greenhouse effect). Comfort and wellness fade as temperatures rise. Often, this can only be made bearable by energy-intensive air conditioning.


EnergieConzept offers the ideal solution:


Our transparent heat shield (HF) and energy saving foil Infraref. 
With HF we offer a crystal clear and transparent solution which was developed especially as an inner coating for window panes. The coating reflects solar radiated heat, thus reducing the thermal load.


Applying our Infraref foil coating will decidedly reduce your electricity costs for air conditioning. 


Fine-particle silver was used when manufacturing our HF. An integrated grid pattern will permanently reflect infrared radiation (IR) in both directions. This will result in 93% less IR and 99% less UV-radiation in your rooms in summertime about 50% higher U-value, i.e. 1.6 is reduced to 0.8 Watt/m² K in wintertime

It is our standard procedure to conduct and record the results of relevant tests for each new project using calibrated measuring instruments. 

As a further mark of quality the foil is scratch-proof and easy to clean. HF offers clear transparency (no discoloration, no cloudiness, no dullness) and comes with a 10 year warranty.

HF is suitable for all smooth glass panes, be it for house entrances, shop windows, patio doors or sunrooms.


You will experience distinctively greater comfort with Infraref:

In summertime       -        you may sit comfortably in your sunroom, protected from heat, and without having to use sun shades.

In wintertime          -        you may sit with your back to the window and not feel the cold. 

With Infraref you reach a significant advantage!